An airwhale is a large flying organism native to Orbona. They travel in pods buoyed by air sacs above their

Air Whales

A pod of airwhales, including adults and juveniles in flight.

heads, and are of a mostly benign nature.

The Search for WondLa Edit

Eva Nine first encounters a lone air-whale near Rovender Kitt's Sanctuary. After accidentally disturbing a swarm of knifejacks, Eva watches as they are consumed by a passing airwhale.

A Hero for WondLa Edit

A pod of airwhales is featured near the Bijou's life capsule in the wasteland. Eva and Rovender are later ambushed by a warbot near an airwhale's skeleton, which they hope to use as parts to construct a stretcher for Nadeau.

Gallery Edit

Airwhale skeleton

Eva and Rovender examine an airwhale's skeleton.

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