Caruncle is an alien of an unidentified race who serves as a self-employed trader, salvager, and bounty


Caruncle talking with Eva Nine inside the wreckage of the Bijou.


The Search for WondLaEdit

Caruncle was briefly encountered by Eva Nine and Muthr in Solas when they asked for directions to the port in order to refuel the Goldfish.

The Battle for WondLa Edit

While exploring the wreckage of the Bijou, Eva Nine and Hailey Turner encountered Caruncle, who was searching for salvageable parts and supplies. He agreed to give them a ride to the Ancient Ruins via Hiayo's Hook, a landform near the Bliek Mountains.

After traveling for several days on a hoversloop pulled by Caruncle's munt-runners Bix and Bax, Eva Nine arrived and encountered a pillar guard, who led her to Zin. As soon as Caruncle and Hailey arrived and they met with Zin, Caruncle revealed a pristine omnipod and contacted Loroc, who he had secretly been working for all along. Loroc sent a warship to intercept them, but Zin managed to defeat the warbots with the pillar guards. As they fled in the empty warship, Eva, who had struggled with Caruncle, opened his cage of captive knifejacks he had been eating, allowing them to slowly devour him.