Cadmus 1

Cadmus Pryde at a press conference for the Dynastes Corporation, explaining the Human Repopulation Project.

The Dynastes Corporation was a corporation that existed during the Age of Man. In addition to creating many technologies such as utilitunics, climatefiber, omnipods, and embryos of Homo sapiens neo, the Dynastes Corporation also created the Human Repopulation Project and the Muthr series, headed by Leonardo Pryde, and later, his son, Cadmus Pryde.

Human Repopulation Project Edit

Cadmus Pryde first hypothesized the concept of Terra Terminal Hibernation sometime in the 21-2200's. As global ecosystems were collapsing, the atmosphere thinned, and mass extinctions began to occur, it soon became clear that the only viable option for the survival of humanity was to construct underground laboratories in which biomechanical robots would raise in vitro humans. Although the project was first criticized for being unethical and highly speculative, the Dynastes Corporation, headed by Cadmus Pryde constructed thousands of Sanctuaries around the planet, in addition to what would later become the city of New Attica in upstate New York, USA.