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Eva Nine is the main protagonist of the WondLa series. She was artificially created in HRP Sanctuary 573 by Muthr 06, but was forced to escape after Dorcean huntsman Besteel destroyed it and attempted to kill her. She posesses a unique ability to telepathically connect with all non-sentient life on Orbona. Throughout the WondLa trilogy, her personal dream is to find other humans like her, and to unite all life on Orbona.

The Search for WondLaEdit

In the Search for WondLa, Eva Nine longs to leave the Sanctuary, where she has spent her entire life, but Muthr refuses to let her leave

until she finishes her survival training.


Eva Nine has naturally blond hair, green eyes, and light skin. In the conculsion of A Hero for WondLa, she purifies herself in the Heart of the Forest, and her hair turns white as a symbol of her purity. She usually wears a climatefiber utilitunic, as well as a jackvest for added warmth.

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