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Eva Nine is the main protagonist of the WondLa series. She lives in the Sanctuary with Muthr until Besteel destroys it. With her friends Rovender Kitt and Otto, she tries to find a fellow human in Orbona like the one on her "WondLa". Soon, she finds Hailey Turner and other humans in New Attica.


The Search for WondLaEdit

Eva Nine is the main character of The Search For WondLa. She is about 12 years old, and is cared for by a robot named Muthr in a Sanctuary, an underground home where she trains for surface life. She trains for Earth surface terrain, so she is unprepared when she realizes shes on Orbona. Her Sanctuary is officially called "HRP underground facility 573". When she evacuates the Sanctuary during Besteel's attacks, she meets a lanky, blue alien named Rovender Kitt. Once they are able to communicate via vocal transcoder, he becomes her main guardian. They are accompanied by Muthr again when she is rescued from the utterly destroyed Sanctuary. Near the end, when Muthr dies, her sole guardian is once again Rovender. In the Sanctuary, she thinks she is ready and wishes to leave, but somewhat overprotective Muthr forbids it. Her biggest dream is to meet other humans, which is one reason for her wish to leave the Sanctuary. Everything in her Sanctuary, including the Sanctuary and Muthr themselves, are provided by the Dynastes Corporation. She has an Omnipod, a device somewhat like an iPhone except with a holographic display instead of a retina screen, survival information, and probably AI (but never confirmed.) Her favorite holo-show is called Beeboo & Company. It is clear that this is made by the Dynastes Corporation, as it is said in chapter 3 that a red cat wears a silver suit with their logo on it.


Eva wears a utilitunic (with contracts and expands to regulate a comfortable temperature, and has shoulder patches that describe bodily condition), and sneakboots (the toe-caps of which can be removed to creat a splint, and contain a pedometer.

In the second book she tries to fit in by dying her hair and wearing clothes that teenager girls wear

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