Great Migration

Eva Nine viewing a Halcyonus mural depicting the Great Migration.

The Great Migration was an event that took place at least two hundred years prior to the events in The Search for WondLa. Many alien species, led by King Ojo and his daughter boarded an ark that travelled to Orbona, which the refugees reawakened using the Vitae Virus generator.

History Edit

The star around which the Ojo homeworld orbited was nearing the end of its lifespan, and was bombarding the planets in its orbit with stellar ejecta and radiation. King Ojo ordered the construction of an ark which would carry his people to safety, along with many Cæruleans, Mirthians, Halcyonus, and Dorceans. Additionally, the survivors brought along many native flora and fauna, such as turnfins for the journey. King Ojo also requested that four Arsian siblings travelled as well. Loroc, along with his brother Zin and sisters Arius and Darius served as advisors regarding the colonization and terraforming of Earth.