Nadeau Kitt was a male Cærulean from the Kitt clan. He was abducted by human forces and experimented upon in the

labs beneath New Attica . He was eventually freed by Eva Nine and managed to return to Faunas , where, critically injured, he was killed by Antiquus.

A Hero for WondLa Edit

After entering the medlabs beneath Attican Hall, Eva Nine found Hailey Turner being prepared for corrective neural surgery by an automedic. After disguising herself as an attendant and destroying the automedic, Eva freed Hailey and Nadeau, who was restrained on a nearby operative chair.

Nadeau was in critical condition, and his body was implanted with electrodes and other medical devices from his experimentation, and asked to be returned to Faunas to die.

When Eva Nine escaped New Attica with Eva Eight, Hailey, Rovender Kitt, and Huxley, Nadeau joined them, where they travelled in a wandering tree for several days before arriving at Faunas on foot.

Upon arrival, Antiquus painlessly killed Nadeau, who was near death from his injuries. Eva and Rovender were then interrogated by the clan leadership with the usage of treowes.