"I'm home." - Eva Nine, upon her arrival to New Attica. 

New Attica

New Attica, with numerous gondolas and Attican Hall in the foreground.

New Attica is a human city founded and led by successive clones of Cadmus Pryde. It serves as the operations hub of the Human Repopulation Project, and was constructed directly over Sanctuary Zero-One


Originally, New Attica was constructed entirely underground, but was later moved into an excavated pit covered by an atmospheric membrane onto which a blue sky is projected. At least a thousand years prior to Eva Nine's birth, Cadmus Pryde was successfully cloned in Sanctuary Zero-One beneath what would later become New Attica. As the centuries passed, the city was moved aboveground, and repopulated with clones of Homo sapiens neo.

A Hero for WondLa

New Attica first appears early in the second book when Hailey takes Eva and Rovender to the city.

The Battle for WondLa and Destruction

After the human fleet is repelled from Solas, a warship crashes into Attican Hall, destroying the main computer and killing hundreds of humans. Cadmus Pryde, who was injured in the crash seeks refuge in Sanctuary Zero-One.

Notable Locations

  • Attican Hall
  • MedLabs
  • Attican Aviary
  • Park
  • Sanctuary Zero-One
  • Detention Center
  • Hall of Historical Thought
  • Subferry Station
  • Main Entrance
  • Welcome Center
  • Cadmus Pryde's office
  • Pel Palace
  • Shopping mall
  • The Suites at Attican Hall
  • Gen's homecube
  • Sneakboot shop
  • Warbot factory
  • Main Hangar
  • Toiler's Camp

Known Residents