An omnipod or o-pod is an interactive device that uses a holographic projector and voice feedback to display data and information to the user. It is equipped with multiple features, such as a LifeScan, TechScan, radar, sonar, a holographic camera, and an x-ray system.


An omnipod, surrounded by decorative plants.

History Edit

Although many models of the omnipod were created by the Dynastes Corporation, the most common design is that shaped like a magnifying glass. A central "eye" contains a holoprojector, scanner, and light. In New Attica, omnipods are implanted into the user's hand, with a single glowing "eye" at the center of their right palm.

Design Edit

The omnipod provided to HRP Sanctuaries is shaped like a magnifying glass, and made of a shiny metal, possible titanium or aluminum. A central "eye" is implanted in the center, along with three smaller ones surrounding it that blink in a circular fashion. Handheld models also feature a wrist strap.

Old omnipods

Eva Nine observing several discontinued omnipod models at the Royal Museum.

Features Edit

  • LifeScan - Detects all lifeforms in a specified radius
  • TechScan - Detects all electronics and technology in a specified radius
  • Lumen Mode - Projects a bright light from the omnipod's "eye," with variable brightness
  • Individual Medical Assistance (IMA) - Offers medical diagnoses and step-by-step instructions synced with utilitunic
  • 3D-Mapping - Renders a three-dimensional map of nearby terrain or structures
  • Communications - Makes live video calls, and can leave and recieve messages
  • Identicapture - Holographically photographs plant, animal, or inanimate object, and identifies it
  • Entertainment - Plays holographic programs from central eye
  • X-Ray Scanning - Scans any object or organism using x-rays.

An advertisement for omnipod implants in New Attica. A user is visible in the foreground.