"Earth is Orbona." - Eva Nine, upon discovering the truth about Orbona


Orbona as seen from space during the Age of Man.

Orbona is a planet in its star's habitable zone. Formerly known as Earth and inhabited by humans and billions of species of animals, native life on the planet all but ended when Terra Terminal Hibernation occurred, and Earth's biosphere collapsed. Thousands of years later, aliens from another solar system arrived on an interstellar ark and colonized the planet, bringing it back to life using the Vitae Virus. Robina, or Earth, as it was known then, was a planet in hibernation when found by Zin.

Prehistory Edit

Orbona was formed through gravitational accretion approximately 4.7 billion years prior to the events in the WondLa trilogy. It is orbited by one moon and is surrounded by a complex ring system formed from the debris of an asteroid.

Age of Man Edit

For millennia, Orbona was controlled by indigenous intelligent life, called humans, who referred to the planet as Earth. Throughout the Age of Man, countless visionaries, inventors, and leaders were born, later appearing in the Hall of Historical Thought in New Attica. After the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, humanity began to pollute the environment and cause the extinction of thousands of species. Population increased to dangerous levels throughout the third millennium. During this time, the vast majority of mankind's greatest achievements took place, including space travel, flight, and the invention of robots and technology such as omnipods. The Dynastes Corporation was also founded during this period, along with the birth of Leonardo Pryde, Cadmus Pryde, the invention of HRP Sanctuaries, and Muthr robots.

Terra Terminal Hibernation Edit

Sometime in the third millennium, possibly the late 21st or 22nd century, rising levels of pollution and overpopulation led to severe depletion of Earth's natural resources and ecosystems. All macroscopic life became extinct, although humans were later cloned in HRP Sanctuaries in an event known as the Awakening. Although life as it had existed during the Age of Man never returned to the planet, it remained in the Attican Aviary and Zoo until the destruction of New Attica.

Great Migration Edit

Several centuries prior to the events in the WondLa trilogy, various alien races such as Arsians, Cæruleans, Halcyonus, Mirthians, and Dorceans arrived on an interstellar ark led by King Ojo and his daughter, and colonized Orbona, which lay in a dormant state. Although there were humans living in HRP Sanctuaries, all surface life was extinct, and the planet was reawakened using the Vitae Virus. This event is called the Great Migration by Orbonian immigrants.