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An area of the Wandering Forest, with several weeping bird-catchers and turnfins visible.

Almost all life on Orbona was created with the Vitae Virus, an alien virus that mutates microscopic and extremophile life and grows it to vast proportions. Microscopic organisms such as tardigrades grew to massive elephantine sizes, like Otto's herd. As a result, native life on Orbona closely resembles its microscopic counterparts from the Age of Man. Because of the unique connections formed by the Vitae Virus, all life native to Orbona is interconnected, similar to a single organism, the core of which is located at the Heart of the Forest and controlled by the Mother. Eva Nine is the only known being besides the Mother who is able to communicate with non-sentient Orbonian life through telepathic "impressions."

Native Organisms Edit

This is a list of all known organisms that are native to Orbona: