"What are you?"

- Queen Ojo, upon meeting Eva Nine

Queen Ojo is the leader of the alien immigrants who landed on a dead Earth and named it "Orbona " instead. Her father, King Ojo, was the former leader of the aliens who arrived in a massive ark. She resides in her palace in Solas , which is on the coast of Lake Concors . She also operates the Royal Museum in Solas, which displays various flora and fauna native to Orbona. 


At least two centuries before the event since the WondLa trilogy, a binary solar system inhabited by many species, such as Cæruleans, Halcyonus, Dorceans, Mirthians, and countless other species was forced to escape to another solar system when one of their suns, Safir, began to decay and bombard the planets with radiation. Pieces of the star rained down on Ojo's world night and day, and on the day of their departure, a young Ojo filled a vial with soil from their homeworld. Upon the arrival of the alien ship to Orbona, King Ojo ordered the Vitae Virus to be dropped on the surface of the planet, while the ship remained in Orbona's orbit for two to three trilustralis. The Generator landed in an HRP Sanctuary, contaminating the gymnasium pool water and the greenhouse plants, which the resident Muthr somehow ingested. The microorganisms in the water and plants grew to vast proportions. This is most likely how the evolution of Tardigrades, sand snipers, and weeping bird-catchers, among other species, began.

Appearance Edit

Ojo is much taller than the average human, or any other alien. She is at least fifteen feet tall, and has a vocal translator that hovers over her head wherever she goes. She has white skin and a flattened head, as well as black facial markings. She has two sets of arms, the upper one of which seems slightly larger than the other, and has no visible thumbs, suggesting that all of her fingers are opposable. When encountering the queen, it is considered respectful to kiss one of the many vials hanging from her neck, which contain soil from Ojo's homeworld, as the Taxidermist does when she enters the room. Her cloak has two winglike extensions on each shoulder, as well as a thick ruffled collar. She also has a headdress that slightly resembles seaweed or leaves. Her eyes have horizontal irises, which are the symbol of her empire. She also has black facial markings or tattoos around her eyes, similar to the ancient Egyptians in the Age of Man.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Ojo's name is the same as the word for "eye" in Spanish, perhaps a reference to the frequent appearance of Ojo's eye as a symbol, as opposed to the appearance of a human eye at the apex of Attican Hall. Her facial appearance and shape, number of limbs, skin color, and leafy headdress are all similar to that of the axolotl, a rare amphibious organism native to Mexico.