Rovender Kitt (referred to as "Rovee" by Eva) is the Cærulean companion of Eva Nine throughout the WondLa series.


The Search for WondLaEdit

Rovender was a Cærulean whom Eva met in an abandoned HRP Sanctuary near the Wandering Forest. When they had been captured by the hunstman, Besteel, they helped each other in their joint escape, despite Eva speaking only English and Rovender only Cærulean, and camped out in the forest, where Rovender used a device called a "vocal transcoder" to translate one another's language, and could communicate much easier.

Rovender accompanied Eva to her destroyed Sanctuary to retrieve Muthr, who dove into the gymnasium pool to extinguish the burning debris that covered her. The trio traveled together and, despite their differences at first, Rovender had become accustomed to the robot caretaker, even claiming that "it should have been [him]" after the occurrence of Muthr's death by the hands of Besteel.

The two travel the rest of their journey without Muthr, until a teenager named Hailey Turner arrives in his airship, the Bijou, and takes them to New Attica.


Rovender is a species known as Cærulean, and carries a lantern, a white drink called Nuccan usebaugh, a wide-brimmed hat, a brown jacket, and his trademark rucksack, which he empties and burns in the ruins of New York City after Muthr's death. He goes barefoot and dresses simply, like most Caeruleans, and has been a wanderer ever since his wife and unborn child died from an illness, possibly the common cold or influenza, a native virus to which they had no defense.