Sanctuary Zero-One is the first HRP Sanctuary constructed by the Dynastes Corporation. It was custom designed by Leonardo and Cadmus Pryde with far more features than the traditional Sanctuaries. It served as the birthplace of multiple clones of Cadmus Pryde, as well as the command center for the Human Repopulation Project.

Design Edit

Sanctuary Zero-One was constructed directly under what would later become New Attica. After surface conditions stabilized, construction began around the Sanctuary to create the first network of living facilities for newly cloned human citizens. Although it follows a similar layout to normal Sanctuaries, Zero-One features a sophisticated holography chamber to permanently simulate a perfect holographic childhood for a clone of Cadmus Pryde. Like all other Sanctuaries, it features an emergency escape hatch in the kitchen; however, the main entrance is at the center of a network of hallways and mechanical areas.