The Taxidermist was a unnamed scientific official employed by the Royal Museum and tasked by Zin with


The Taxidermist, seen wearing his distinctive goggles and remote belt.

anatomically preserving captured specimens for display. When Loroc briefly overthrew Queen Ojo, the Taxidermist sided with Loroc, and planned to taxidermy the Queen and her advisors.

The Search for WondLa Edit

Besteel captured Eva Nine in Lacus and delivered her to the Royal Museum, where the Taxidermist was seen paralyzing and dissecting a juvinile water bear. To avoid a similar fate, Eva lured a sand sniper out of its containment pod to free her, escaping the Taxidermist and temporarily avoiding Zin. After being apprehended again, Eva was almost paralyzed and put on display until Zin intervened after the discovery of a logogram imprinted on Eva's hand by Zin's sister, Arius.

The Battle for WondLa Edit

After Eva Nine returned to destroy Loroc with the aid of a sand sniper, the Taxidermist was attacked by Eva, who grievously injured him with her fists. He attempted to flee but was captured by the sand sniper, who killed him and fed him to her unhatched nymphs.