The Goldfish, or Hovercraft Model S5-31 is a model of hovercar manufactured by the Dynastes Corporation.

The Goldfish

A hologram of the Goldfish, projected by Eva Nine's omnipod.

It was abandoned in the Ancient Ruins, but was later discovered centuries later by Zin and brought to the Royal Museum.

The Search for WondLa Edit

When Eva Nine and Muthr were attempting to escape the Museum and the pillar guards, Muthr was able to make the hovercraft function, despite the fact that it had fallen from its exhibit. Using the omnipod, Muthr and Eva were able to escape and join Rovender and Otto. The

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.55.02 PM

Eva Nine piloting the Goldfish through the Wasteland.

group then travelled across the desert for several days, before arriving at the Ancient Ruins. After exploring, they were pursued by Besteel and several Royal Guardsmen. Moments before Eva's death at the hands of his boomrod, Muthr intercepted the shot, which consequently destroyed the Goldfish and fatally damaged Muthr.