Zin is the Arsian advisor to Queen Ojo, as well as the curator of the Royal Museum. He encounters Eva Nine

Zin and Taxidermist

Zin and the Taxidermist in the Royal Museum.

and plans to make her an exhibit in the museum, but later flees the city in shame when the human fleet attacks.

The Search for WondLa Edit

Zin was the curator for Queen Ojo's Royal Museum, and was responsible for designing and managing exhibits. He was aided by the Taxidermist in the preparation of specimens and artifacts, which were delivered by hired hunters like Besteel and Caruncle. When Besteel delivers Eva Nine to the taxidermy room, Zin is fascinated and orders Eva prepared for exhibit. She manages to escape with the aid of a sand-sniper, but is recaptured in the Hall of Artifacts by royal guards. Moments

before her paralysis, Zin notices a wrist marking given to her by Arius and ordered the taxidermy halted. He meets Eva in his office, where they discuss her origins and the possible location of Arius, whom she hopes to find. With the aid of a pillar guard, Eva rescues Muthr and the two escape in the Goldfish as many of the museum exhibits are destroyed.

The Battle for WondLa Edit

Eva Nine discovers Zin seeking refuge in the ruins of a New York City subway station in the Ancient Ruins. He had fled the city during the human attack on Solas feeling that he had failed the Ojo family by declaring that Earth was uninhabited and therefore safe for colonization. He agrees to return to Solas with Eva to attempt to reason with Loroc, but Caruncle, who was secretly collaborating with Loroc, signals a warship. After overpowering the warbots and setting Caruncle's own knifejacks against him, Hailey, Zin and Eva fly to Solas and drop Zin off near the city's pollen farms.

Death Edit

When Eva secretly returns for the victory festival, Loroc takes control of the city and imprisons the alien delegates. The entire room is forced to watch as Loroc devours a paralyzed Zin with the aid of the Taxidermist. Loroc absorbs Zin's consciousness and increases his powers.

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